You outdid yourself last night (if that was even possible!). The Flynn was on fire and you (and your entire company) were electric. Mark, your talent goes without saying but your connection with the crowd, your ease on stage, your sense of humor and your stage presence are what really set you apart. You truly have been given a special gift and are a mighty ambassador. Thank you for granting our request for The Star Spangled Banner. I could feel the swell of powerful emotion that rose from our combined voices. Just as we could when we sang the Praise God verse of Amazing Grace. I'm thankful to have been a part of last night's experience and I'm grateful to know you as a friend.

Lorri LaPage
Mark, I never knew who you were until I heard you perform in Highgate this Summer. I was very impressed. I have heard other Elvis Tribute performers none of whom even come close to the talent and caliber of you, your band, and the artist that is being showcased 'Elvis'. I have seen performers at the Belle Center and the St. Denis Theater in Montreal, the Lincoln Center, Broadway Show, the Rockefeller Theater in Manhattan, a Theater in Tuscon, as well as other performers at the Flynn Theater. You are a very talented and gifted performer who is worthy of ANY of these stages! God Bless you for sharing your gift. And, the reason why you are doing it ~ what can I say other than your love for your beautiful wife Lisa, and your love of Our God "IS" SHINING THROUGH" ~ Applause, Accolades, Standing O, One More Song" ~

Sharon Paquette Bockus

Your show was absolutely fantastic. Couldn’t have asked for more. You could tell your heart and soul were really in it. Played Elvis ?? tunes all the way back to St. J last night. You were marvelous! My sister and bil hadn’t seen you before. I suggested they go and they’re now fans as well. God bless you for your tremendous efforts in putting together such a great show and fight for the cause!

Judy Harbaugh

Mark, I had a blast (at your Elvis Tribute concert) and so did the people around me and the audience as well…I used to date one of the Flynn Spirits (ushers). She is a counselor and kind of reserve about most things, but she was dancing in the back of the theater with some other ushers! What a scene! I saw Elvis live in concert with my older brother and his wife, from the 6th row of the Coliseum on Long Island, NY. So I have something more than a movie or film clip to use as a comparison. I am not sure I believe in channeling, but if there is such a thing, you channeled Elvis! You even have a sense of humor like his, like when you were kidding around with the person who had the cell phone, and when you were handing out the scarves. I also am sure that some of the songs are not the easiest to do a good job on, but you did it and it must have taken a lot of work to get it down that well. I have been talking it up with others and encouraging them see you next time they get a chance!

Herb Sinkinson