Mark Shelton is considered one of the most dynamic performers with astounding vocal prowess that leaves audiences mesmerized in amazement. But it is his incredible voice, strong and diverse, that leaves audiences in amazement. Engaging with that "Star" quality, Mark Shelton effortlessly moves from the 1950s to the 1970s Elvis Presley songs mirroring the King of Rock n' Roll. He nails every Elvis Presley song of any era with such precision that people sometimes think they are listening to a recording and are breathless when they discover it is a live singer. It is truly impressive. There are a few different shows available they are as follows 1. The Elvis Aloha Show, 2. An Elvis Las Vegas Show. 3. One of the best Elvis Gospel Shows you will ever see.

Mark Shelton's goals are simple and his reasoning is highly commendable, Click here for his main reason "Inside Addition Tv News" .

In closing i know that Mark Shelton would bring the power and excitement that was Elvis Presley to any show you may have. Thank you for considering Mark. Mark can be reached at any of the websites or Facebook pages listed below. Or you can contact me Larry Larcombe Promotions Manager at Mark Shelton Productions at 609-788-0686 and i will forward all messages to him.

Reflections Of The King - 2017
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