Starring George Richard and The Johnny Cash Tribute Show Band

We honor "The Man in Black" and the shows he performed at Folsom Prison and San Quentin State Prison, We performed for inmates at simany Vermont correctional facilities so far: the Northeast Correctional Complex, the Northwest State Correctional Facility, the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility, and many more.. The inmates, superintendents, staff and volunteers in attendance were very appreciative of the band's performances and enjoyed our shows!
Our marvelous musicians, Shawn "Luther Perkins" Emery, Marty "Marshall Grant" Morrissey, Wayne "W.S. Holland" Wanser and Donny Ray "Hank Williams" Quenneville passionately bring that familiar, authentic Cash sound. A few months ago, we were very fortunate and honored to have an incredible sound man join our show...Frank Paulik. Many thanks to Dennis Fox, who graciously lends his support when needed for stage lighting and standing-in for our guitarists

George "Johnny" Richard
Lead Vocals

Marie "June" Ragan

Shawn "Luther" Emery
Lead Guitar

Marty "Marshall" Morrissen
Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Wayne "WS" Wanser

Donny Ray "Hank" Quenneville
Bass Guitar and Vocals

George Richard and his band are available and can be hired for any venue, such as weddings, corporate events, theater's large and small, and much much more. George Richard can be reached at George Richard Productions (Facebook). George Richard can also be contacted at his website, contacts and phone no# can be found there. Click the following link to go to his website. The Johnny Cash Tribute Show. If for some reason you can't reach George, Call: Larry Larcombe Promotions Manager 609-788-0686. I will pass along the messages to George and make sure he returns what ever show information you need to you. "Thank You". Please use your browsers back arrow to leave this page.