Authentic Look

The Show has a brand new look!
George Richard has a whole new look, Authentic to the "T". An exact replication of the look that was Johnny Cash. From the coat, the shirt, the hair, to the guitar. All the band members have matching outfits, to give their show an appeal to the crowd of fans that follow them.

Authentic Sound

The original sound of Johnny Cash!
The Johnny Cash Tribute Show, brings back the original sound of Johnny Cash from one song to another. Their music and sound will take you back in time , close your eyes, you will sware you are listening to the real Johnny Cash. They are the best in the business.

Authentic Music

Using the hits that made Johnny cash famous!
All the music played by " The Johnny Cash Tribute Show Band" is perferct in every way, you can search and never find a show like this anywhere. Come enjoy one of the best tribute band you have ever seen. Check the rest of our website for more information.